Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (Japan: Mario & Luigi RPG) was the first game in the Mario and Luigi Series and was released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance. It was an RPG starring the famous Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi. Unlike most Mario games, Superstar Saga took place in the Beanbean Kingdom. A sequel, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, was released for the Nintendo DS in 2005, which was followed by another for the Nintendo DS, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, in 2009.

A remake of the Mario Bros. arcade game was also included with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

the bathroomEdit

The Goodwill Ambassador from the Beanbean Kingdom and her assistant came to the Mushroom Kingdom to bring a gift from Queen Bean for Princess Peach. However, it turned out to be a surprise attack of magic smoke. The ambassador and her assistant were actually an evil witch named Cackletta and her crazy assistant, Fawful. Fawful used his headgear to suck up the smoke, which engulfed Peach's voice. They escaped with Peach's voice into the dark sky.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi were at their house. Luigi was hanging up clothes when Toad walked by asking where Mario was. Luigi was too busy to help. Toad rushed in side and heard Mario singing in the bathroom. He entered and found Mario taking a shower. Toad rushed out of the room in complete embarrassment, running into a wall. Mario got out of the shower with a bath robe on, and found Toad out cold on the floor. He jumps on him to wake him up, but all he heard was Toad groaning about the Princess. Mario realized that she was in trouble again and quickly ran outside to put his clothes on. He rushed to the castle, not realizing that he was dragging Luigi by the clothesline. [1][2]Mario battling Bowser.Bowser visited the castle soon after in an attempt to kidnap Princess Peach. When Mario ran in, Mario saw Bowser and screeched to a halt, but Luigi got flung off and he struck Bowser. Bowser was enraged by this and fights Mario. After being defeated, Bowser stops the fight, saying that this was not the time to do so. A Toad then told them that Peach's voice was replaced with explosive vocabulary. Bowser worried that if he kidnaps Peach now, she'll wreck his castle with her voice. So Bowser agreed to help Mario get back Peach's voice.

Mario and Bowser got ready to leave in the Koopa Cruiser along with Bowser's underlings. As they were about to leave, Luigi came to say his final goodbye. Bowser mistakenly thought Luigi wanted to join he and his underlings, so he takes him along. The Koopa Cruiser flew off to the Beanbean Kingdom, where Cackletta and Fawful are.

That night, while Bowser and the Mario Bros. were on deck, Luigi, as a lookout, spotted something coming their way: Cackletta and Fawful. Cackletta sent Fawful in to fight them. Fawful defeated Bowser easily, but was pummeled by Mario and Luigi. Despite this loss, Fawful used his headgear to inviolate the cruiser. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and everyone on a penis plummeted down to Stardust Fields. [3]Mario and Luigi battling Tolstar.Mario and Luigi crash landed in the Beanbean Borderlands. After a brief chat, they decided to go the building on the left. Inside, they find the Border Bros., who forced them to do a jumping game to pass through. They succeed and were granted the passage to go to Stardust Fields. They were also given a Map of the Beanbean Kingdom to help them on their adventure. As the brothers wandered around the premises, they found Bowser stuck in a cannon. A strange flying creature named Tolstar then appeared to mock Bowser. Tolstar told the bros. to get 100 Beanbean Coins so the incident with Bowser doesn't get heard by anyone else. Mario gives Tolstar the 100 coins he brought along, but that wasn't enough to satisfy him because they were Mushroom Kingdom coins. Mushroom Kingdom's coins weren't worth a lot compared to BeanBean coins. With no choice, Mario and Luigi wandered around Stardust Field to collect the 9001 Beanbean coins. With the help of the Starshade Bros. along the way, they managed to get enough coins to surprise Tolstar's bribe. But instead of helping out, Tolstar decided to attack the brothers. The brothers pounded Tolstar. However, one of the Starshade Brothers came in and lights the fuse of the cannon Bowser was in. This left Mario and Luigi on their own. [4]Mario and Luigi battling Dragohoho.A while afterwards, the brothers made it to Hoohoo Village where some Beanish soldiers mistook them for foes. Tolstar flew in (injured by the bros.) to prove that they were the Mario Bros., giving the brothers safe passage to the village. After a look around, they left to find Fawful blasting a soldier away. He mocked the brothers by throwing a rock statue in front of them, blocking their path to Beanbean Castle. They decided to visit the Hammerhead Bros. back at the village to make Hammers for them. However, the Hammerhead Bros. could not make Hammers because the material they had currently was too brittle. They needed a Hoohoo Stone to make strong hammers, so the brothers climb up the Hoohoo Mountain. Midway, they confronted a statue that forced them to play a minigame. Once finished, the statue sprung to life and attacked the brothers. However, the brothers overcame the statue and continued up the mountain. When the plumbers finally reached the top of the mountain, they found a Hoohoo Stone, but kicked it by accident. This awakens Blablanadon, mad at what they did, but apologized after their explanation. The petradon explained that he has been sitting on this strange egg for some time, which was why he had not been around for the Hoohooligans' travel problems. Suddenly, the egg hatches, revealing Dragohoho. The creature knocked Blablanadon away, and fought the brothers. They defeat the monster, which transformed into Prince Peasley, the prince of the kingdom. He thanked them for freeing him of that form and before leaving gives them a golden rose to assure their entrance to the castle. Blablanadon flew the plumbers back to Hoohoo Village, where they came back to the Hammerhead Bros. and get new hammers made from a Hoohoo Stone.

Using their new hammers, they demolished Fawful's statue and went down Hoohoo Mountain towards Beanbean Castle Town. Along the way, they found a cave. Inside was an old man and his beanish dog. He told the bros. that to cross through the cave they must play his minigame, where they rode in mine carts to collect 10 cans. Afterwards, the Mario Bros. finished their journey to Beanbean Castle Town. But they found the town in ruins, as Cackletta and Fawful had recently attacked. The brothers quickly came to Beanbean Castle and gained entry by showing Peasley's rose to the guards. Once inside, they met up with Lady Lima, the kingdom's ambassador. They tell her what's going on, but she does not believe the story, or that they are the Mario Bros. So, she sends them down to the castle sewer to fix their leaking pipe problem. When they got all the pipes fixed, the brothers met up with the real Lady Lima and some servants. The Lima Mario and Luigi met before was Cackletta in disguise, trying to get the Beanstar. The brothers caught up with her, but it was too late-Cackletta took the Beanstar away, and sent Queen Bean to attack them. The queen was a muscular monster at the time, because she ate a Belly Blech Worm before-hand. Mario and Luigi toppled the tyrant, and were then sent out to get the antidote for the queen-Chuckola Cola.

Later, the Mario Bros. made it to Château de Chucklehuck to find the drink. They ended up in a fight with Popple the master thief, and his partner, Rookie. They were defeated, and ran off into Chucklehuck Woods. The brothers then found Cork and Cask, the owners of the brewery. They taught the brothers moves with the hammers that soon helped them out in the Chucklehuck Woods. [5][6]The Mario Bros. in Chucklehuck Woods.It was because they used those skills to get three different kinds of Chuckola Fruit to give to Chuckleroot in order for them to proceed onward to Mother Chuckola (the giant tree at the end). When they got there, they found the creator of Chuckola Cola, Bubbles. He was busy telling jokes to the Chuckola Reserve, his most precious brew of soda, while Rookie and Popple were tied up in barrels. Then, the soda transformed into the Chuckolator, which sent the thieves flying, and attacked Mario and Luigi. They prevailed, and it reverted back to normal soda. Bubbles were not happy about it, and caused a tremor sending the brothers and the soda underground. Mario landed in the soda, and Luigi landed away from his brother. Eventually, he found his way back to Mario, still in the barrel, so he did a barrel run on the water going back to the Castle. [7][8]Mario and Luigi in the Woohoo Hooniversity.Back at the castle, Luigi jumped on Mario to squirt out the Chuckola Cola into Queen Bean. She spat out Belly Blech worm, returned to normal. At that moment, Peasly came to report to the queen about some sort of progress. It appeared that Cackletta was hiding out in the Woohoo Hooniversity, so the Mario Brothers were sent there to investigate. There, they had to fight weird experiments, solve puzzles, and reunite each other (after they got separated) in order to unlock the Sun Door, leading to a very hi-technical room. There, Cackletta (and Fawful) was about to awaken the Beanstar using Peach Bots that were installed with Peach's voice. But when she activated them, they made a strange noise that drove the Beanstar crazy! It caused a tremor sending the robots and it downward. Cackletta and Fawful were confused about what had just happened, and the sudden appearance of the Mario Bros. did not help the situation. Luigi bashed Fawful into the ground, leaving Cackletta to fight them alone. Her powers were great, but were no match for Mario and Luigi.

After the battle, shit happened, and seeing that his mistress was at the point of dying, he used his headgear to suck up her essence, dissolving her body. He was about to give the brothers a good thrashing, but Peasly then came and threw him out of the building. He was curious about the incident with the Peach Bots and the Beanstar, but looked as if he knew what was going on. He departed, leaving the brothers to go down to the basement. There they found Popple and Rookie with the Beanstar and fought them for it. But after the battle, a Peach Bot head fell down and made that noise again, causing the Beanstar to go nuts again. Mario, Luigi, Popple, and Rookie grabbed onto it, eventually were sent flying in different directions, as was the Beanstar itself when it broke into four pieces. Before it did, Rookie remembered that he was really Bowser. [9][10]Mario and Luigi in Oho Oasis.Mario and Luigi landed at the Oho Oasis, and managed to get out of there by learning the Firehand and Thunderhand in the Fire, and Thunder temples. Meanwhile, Fawful found the injured Bowser lying on the ground, and implanted Cackletta's soul inside him. After the Mario Bros. made through the Oho Ocean, they met Peasly again, saying that Princess Peach is arriving at the Beanbean International Airport, and asks they come at once. They do, and find that Piranha Plants are everywhere on the airport. They take care of this problem quickly, and the Toad Express safely lands down.

Back at the castle, the Mario Brothers found out that Peach's voice was never stolen. It was really Birdo disguised as the princess at the time. Peach knew about this all along, because Peasly came and told them about Cackletta's plan before hand. With that crisis settled, Peach decided to visit Little Fungitown, with the Mario Bros. escorting her of course. [11][12]Mario and Luigi in Little Fungitown.They come to the only known route to Little Fungitown, Teehee Valley. There, the Princess gets captured by Gritty Goombas a few times, and then confronted by the rock creature, Trunkle. The brothers bested all of them, and made it to Little Fungitown. There, Peach leaves the brothers to go about the town on their own. They decide to go to the arcade, where Mario plays one of the games there, and wins an Invincishroom. He eats it; but ends up in the hospital, where he has contracted Bean Fever. The only cure for this is Crabbie Grass from Guffawha Ruins. Luigi accepts to do this task, but losses his nerve when he finds out about a bone-crushing monster lives there. To try and calm himself, he goes to Psycho Kamek, who hypnotizes him into thinking that he's Mario.

With his new found courage, Luigi went to Guffawa Ruins. After doing some puzzles and confronting the "monster," which was actually just a stone head wishing people would stop making stupid rumors about him, Luigi finds some Crabbie Grass. He goes back to the Little Fungitown hospital, but was then struck by lightning, and regains his original consciousness. Luigi then comes halfway to the hospital when he spots Peach in a Koopa Clown Car. Angry, Luigi told Bowser to let her go. But it was not Bowser - but Cackletta, who has possessed Bowser's body to become Bowletta. She makes off with Peach in tow, and Luigi rushed into the hospital to revive Mario. Luigi then told Mario what had just happened, and both of them returned to Beanbean Castle.

Back at the castle, everybody was flustered about Cackletta's surprise comeback, trying to figure out what to do next. Lady Lima then came with a message from Bowletta. The sinister fusion had requested that they get the four pieces of the broken Beanstar to her in exchange for the princess. The Mario Bros. and Prince Peasly agree to do this task (Peasly was so confident, that he'll give the brothers 99,999,999,999 mushroom coins if they get them all first). [13][14]Mario and Luigi at the Yoshi Theater.So, Mario and Luigi went out to get the first Beanstar piece, which was in the S.S. Chuckola back at Teehee Valley. In the ship of skeletal crewmen, they did a barrel game, and then free a fat skeleton from a crack in the wall, but that caused the ship to be sent into the Oho Ocean, where it sunk. The Mario Brothers then followed the floating Beanstar all over the seabed, until they made it to Gwarhar Lagoon. Here, they got new abilities for their hand powers thanks to the Jellyfish Sisters, and used them to get to the Hermie Club. They were using the Beanstar piece as the main ornament for Hermie III. The brothers eventually got the piece after battling Hermie and explaining about the crisis.

The next piece was from the fashion stylist Harhall, who gave Mario and Luigi the piece after they colored fabric with design bombs. Another piece came from Boddle, after they got Neon Eggs for his Yoshi Theater sign. The bros were able to get neon eggs by feeding the Yoshies Bean Fruit from deep underground. The last piece was back at Chucklehuck Woods. They had to play a game in the Winkle Colosseum and surpass the Winkles. But when they got to the area where the Beanstar piece had fallen, they found Popple there, and he had already took it. They defeated the partner-less thief, and got all the pieces of the Beanstar back.

They returned to the castle, where Lima had brought another message from Bowletta. She now wanted them to bring the Beanstar to her at Joke's End. Prince Peasly gave them a Fake Beanstar to try and fool the villains, as well as the coins from the bet, which were really only 99 Beanbean coins. Eventually, Mario and Luigi found a thin slot near the ocean. Seeing that there was no was to get to Joke's End by underwater, Mario decided to hammer Luigi into the slot, turning him into a surfboard. [15][16]Mario and Luigi at Joke's End.He used Luigi to surf across the ocean all the way to Joke's End. Once there, they had to solve tricky puzzles, involving them having to split up for the most part. During their trials, the fairy-like girl named Jojora appeared from time to time, just toss how they were doing. Eventually, the brothers made it to Jojora's room at the top floor, where she was having a tea party. She requested that the brothers invite one of her friends over. Her, "friend" turned out to be a female snow puppet that attacked Mario and Luigi (with the help of Jojora). They her, and she melted, leaving Jojora to flee from the scene, and was never seen again. Finally, Mario and Luigi found Fawful, who was waiting for them to hand over the Beanstar. Luigi approached him, and gave him the fake one. But unlike most Mario enemies, Fawful was not fooled. He blasted Luigi and took the real Beanstar. Mario then comes up with a plan involving the extra dress Toadsworth gave them before they went to Joke's End. Bowletta (with Peach) was complementing Fawful for seeing through that ruse, but their rejoicing is interrupted when they see Mario with ANOTHER Peach. The other Peach says that the one they have is fake. Angered, Bowletta tosses the "fake" Peach overboard, and takes the "real" one back to the repaired Koopa Crusier.

Back at the Cruiser, Bowletta and Fawful were celebrating their success, but then Bowletta wondered why Peach was covering her mouth. She decided to scare her, revealing that it's really Luigi. Fawful chases him around, followed by Bowletta, until Luigi hit a switch, which dropped a crate to block the twosome's way. With his Thunderhand powers, Luigi managed to escape the cruiser with the Beanstar. Upset at having a double failure, Bowletta decided for her and Fawful go to the Mushroom Kingdom for something...

Back at Teehee Valley, Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth were on the lookout for Luigi. They sent him crash-land into a sand pit, and sinks in. Mario managed to find him underground, but the end up fighting Popple again, with his new partner, Birdo. They ended up beating them both, and headed back to the Castle Town.

Unfortunately, the brothers found that the town is under fire...again! It appeared that Bowletta was using Bowser's Castle to attack the town. At the castle, Queen Bean explained this, and Mario and Luigi decided to help out. Lima suggested that since the castle is in the sky, they should try and find something to help them fly up there. The brothers headed back to Hoohoo Village to ask for Blablanadon's help. He accepts, and takes them up to Bowser's Castle. [17][18]The plane, with Bowser in tow, flying over the Koopa King's land-based castle.There, Mario and Luigi used every technique that they had learned to get pass all the puzzles, enemies, the dreaded Koopalings, and even a new-and-improved Fawful, until they finally made it to Bowletta. They fought her, and supposedly won, until a countdown Bob-omb came and took out almost all the entire HP the brothers had. Apparently, Bowletta was only faking her defeat, and then decided to do Mario and Luigi in by eaten them alive. It looked like Cackletta had totally new renovations in the insides of Bowser and it looked like the outside of a castle with a storm raging in the background. The Mario Bros. ended up fighting Cackletta again, in her spirit form. It was long, and it was hard, but Mario and Luigi managed to defeat Cackletta once and for all. She spewed out of Bowser's body, and vanished, never to be seen again. Bowser also returned to normal, unconscious on the floor. Pealsy then came to address the brothers, saying that he has planted a detonator in the castle, and will explode shortly. The brothers managed to escape the castle via Blablanadon. Bowser crashes into Oho Ocean and was rescued by Prince Peasly.

Later on, while everyone was saying their goodbyes, Peasly dropped by with a huge present for the brothers. And so, the heroes went back to the Mushroom Kingdom via Peach's airplane. As Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toadsworth were laughing about the adventure, they flew over the ocean as the sun set, and got to the Mushroom Kingdom at night. Peasley's present turned out to be Bowser, who was dropped off at his other castle during the credits. The plane then landed in Peach's castle, and fireworks erupted. Then, it is shown that a movie of the adventure was shown in Yoshi Theater, when the screen zooms out to show the Yoshis sitting in the theater and applauding.

Lemmy Koopa's bedroomEdit


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