House of Rabisu
Name: Rabisu
Pronounciation: ra-bi'-su
Sebettu Status: Sixth House
Nicknames: Devourers, Angels of the Wild, Lords of Wood and Claw
Lores : Lore of the Beast

Lore of the Flesh
Lore of the Wild

The House of Rabisu, also known by thier modern sobriequet Devourers, are the Fallen who were once in charge of protecting and enriching nature while making it avaliable to humanity in Demon: The Fallen. Many of the Devourers grew tired of the innocence of humans threatening their creations and joined with the Rebellion. Serving as some of the fiercest warriors in the angelic legions, they fought to the bitter end, serving Lucifer with a loyalty that rivaled the Asharu. The Devourers who have escaped the Abyss have had time to wallow in guilt and pain, and have reverted to a more feral nature as they seek to protect the Earth itself.

Purpose and CurseEdit

The Rabisu were primarily created to give form to life on Earth. The Zaltu sculpted the variety of animals, from the tiniest insect to the great blue whale; they considered the human form their greatest creation. The Ninurtu were given the same reign over plants. In addition, the Rabisu made these things, with help from other Elohim, work together to create cycles and food chains.

At the Fall, the Rabisu were the second House to present themselves before man.

The curse of the Rabisu was simple, but brutal. The Rabisu were named Devourers, and they saw humanity literally made no better than beasts; before the curse, animals were not allowed to attack humans. Some of the rebel Rabisu went on to become Aruru, using their shaping skills just for humans during the Rebellion to help them survive.

Faction AlignmentsEdit

Some Devourers remain loyal to Lucifer and are therefore Luciferans. Others fall completely to the call of darkness and become Raveners who only wish to destroy humanity. Most Devourers lack the finesse and patience to become scheming Faustians.


Devourers, while honest to a fault, never know when to keep their mouth shut. Their lack of tact can make them many enemies, even if the words ring true. In addition, Devourers tend to be manipulated by those more familiar with the ways of society.

Background informationEdit

Rabisu were evil spirits in Akkadian mythology who hid in shadows and dark corners, looking to attack those who passed them. Pure salt is said to keep them away.


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