George W Bush is a horrible US president/canadian prime minister/universe king that caused this economic failure that's occuring now.


George W Bush's Super Mario Wiki's username is Peachycakes1039841 and he is worse than Wario and Luigi.

Life as a vandalEdit

Today, our item is Luigi's crap, I meant cap. It is more stylish than the boring Mario cap and the Wario cap that Sega bought 3 days ago (and made Wario skinnier and renamed Wario: Willy). Sega also bought the Donkey Kong series and the Wario series. Luigi's crap, I mean cap, comes in all different sizes, like just XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL size and Princess Peach's dress. Side effects of Luigi's cap include gayness, fatness, stupidity, vomiting, forgetfulness, hypothermia, gallstones, and all the diseases there are in the universe and more...

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